Surgery For Herniated Disc In Neck – Do You Need It?

Do I Need Surgery for Herniated Disc in the Neck? What Are The Indications For Surgery?

Do I need surgery for a herniated disc in the neck? When should I have surgery for my slipped disc causing my pinched nerve with arm pain, numbness, tingling or weakness? Many patients struggle with those questions, so we want to share with you the reasons a patient becomes a candidate for surgery.

In the video above, Dr. Seth Neubardt, a leading spine surgeon, explains that the indications for cervical herniated disc surgery are pain that doesn’t get better within six to twelve weeks. Also numbness, tingling, weakness that is worsening or continues to interfere with your life. Significant weakness, or any problems with gait, or bowel and bladder function may be indications of need for emergency surgery. (See Dr. Neubardt’s discussion about  when a disc herniation in the neck becomes an emergency.)

Watch the video above to learn more about how to know if you need surgery. You can also use the free Risk Indicator Tool to find out how likely you are to need surgery. You simply answer 10 quick questions and Dr. Neubardt will provide a customized video about whether surgical treatment is likely right for you.

Many patients with a herniated disc will heal on their own within a few weeks, but when the pain becomes so severe you cannot stand it any longer, or you experience other symptoms indicating surgery is needed, talk to a cervical spine specialist and get the problem taken care of.

If you believe you need surgery for a herniated disc in the neck, or you are not sure and you want to schedule an appointment at Dr. Neubardt and Dr. Jack Stern’s office, we welcome you to contact the top rated spine surgeons now. The two have perfected a cervical disc replacement surgery that has patients returning home in under five hours.