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If you are suffering from a herniated disc in your neck you have come to the right place! My name is Seth Neubardt, MD FACS and I have created this as the web’s only site devoted exclusively to treatment of cervical herniated disc. My partner, Jack Stern MD PhD, and I are both board certified MD spine specialists, treating herniated discs for over twenty years.

As you know, there’s lots of misinformation on the internet and things can get very confusing very quickly. I have tried to present information as if you were a patient here in our office. I recommend that you first spend time on the “Cervical Disc Herniation Info” section to learn about your condition. Then move on to the “Non-Surgical Treatments for Herniated Disc“, and finally the “Surgical Options for Herniated Disc“.

It’s always good to start with the least invasive treatments first but make sure you look at the “Danger Signs” to know what constitutes an emergency.

Most importantly, don’t despair! Herniated discs in the cervical spine usually get better on their own. If not, most all can be treated safely and effectively with microsurgical minimally invasive techniques. Feel free tocontact us if we can be of any help. Hope you get better soon!