Cervical Disc Anatomy 1: What and Where Are My Cervical Bones?

Cervical Disc Anatomy 1: What and Where Are My Cervical Bones?

Cervical Disc Anatomy for Patients with a Herniated Disc

In part one of this educational series explaining cervical disc anatomy for patients who have a herniated disc in their neck, top spine specialist Dr. Seth Neubardt discusses where the herniated discs are located. The discs are cushions located between the vertebral bones. The inside of each disc is made up of a soft material that can leak out from the disc space and press against a nerve. When that happens, it is called a herniated or slipped disc.

Dr. Seth Neubardt is an expert spine specialist known for being one of New York’s best minimally invasive surgeons. In the video above he explains where your cervical bones and discs are located using easy to understand models and descriptions. Watch the video and learn about the cervical spine anatomy to understand your problem of a herniated disc.

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The 7 Bones in the Cervical Spine

There are seven bones in the cervical spine with those bones numbered from one to seven. Between each bone is the disc. The bones are hard and discs are soft.

If you have a herniated disc in your neck, it is between two of the seven cervical bones. You may have been told your herniated disc is between C4 and C5 or C5 and C6, but what does that mean? Where is the C5 disc located? After viewing the video you will know.

You can also watch Cervical Disc Anatomy 4: Cervical Disc Numbers for a more detailed explanation and demonstration. Or, you can follow along in the series with Cervical Disc Anatomy 2 about what is in the neck next to the cervical spine discs. After watching all six videos in the series, you will have learned everything you need to know about cervical disc anatomy.