What Is A Cervical Herniated Disc?

What Is A Cervical Herniated Disc, or Slipped Disc?

Dr. Neubardt answers the question: “What is a Cervical Herniated Disc?”

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What happens when a cervical disc herniates? What is a cervical herniated disc?

A cervical herniated disc is a medical condition in which a normal disc in the cervical spine ruptures and internal contents from inside the disc pushes out. If the disc herniates toward the front of the spine, you may experience some neck pain as it heals. If the disc herniates toward the back, it pushes pressure on the nerve and you will feel additional symptoms of a herniated cervical disc.

A cervical herniated disc is the same thing as a slipped disc. You may also hear it called a “ruptured disc” or “spinal disc herniation.” These terms, along with an “extruded disc” and “bulging disc” all have similar meanings.

In the video above, spine specialist Dr. Seth Neubardt describes what happens in your neck when the disc protrudes and comes in contact with the nerves, producing symptoms of arm pain, numbness, tingling and weakness going to the hand. Watch the video and find out how a cervical herniated disc is like a jelly-filled donut. Through this educational website you can learn everything you want to know about a cervical herniated disc, from what it is to how it is treated. You can learn about cervical disc anatomy to help you better understand the condition. You can also explore every non-surgical and surgical option for treatment and use the free Risk Indicator Tool to find out your probability of needing cervical spine surgery. If you do need surgery and want to schedule an appointment at Dr. Neubardt’s office in New York, contact us.