Cervical Herniated Disc Recovery Time - What to expect after surgery.


Personnel in the operating room when you have cervical spine herniated disc surgery

You were told you need cervical spine herniated disc surgery. The thought of undergoing any type of surgery, even a minimally invasive procedure, can be unnerving for many people. Learning all you can about your condition and the surgical procedure in advance will help calm your fears. This website is designed to help you easily do so and provides all of the information you need to know.

In the video above, Dr. Seth Neubardt, a leading cervical spine surgeon, goes over all the personnel who will be helping to do the micro surgery. When Dr. Neubardt performs a cervical spine herniated disc surgery, he is one of two surgeons present in the operating room. Dr. Neubardt and  Dr. Jack Stern, both board certified MD spine specialists, work together as a Neuro-Ortho Team. No one else performs surgery on their patients, but other professionals assist in the procedure. Watch the video to learn about all of the personnel who will be present during surgery.

You should also see the full video of the procedure in our surgical section. The “Cervical Herniated Disc Surgery Walk-Through” provides a visual tour with complete explanation of what will happen to you when you go for your surgery to correct the slipped disc in your neck that is causing the pinched nerve. Although the surgery walk-through video is 30 minutes long, it is a must-see for anyone planning herniated disc surgery of the cervical spine.

If you have questions and would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Neubardt and Dr. Stern, contact top rated spine surgeons now.