Cervical Neck Surgery: Should I have surgery for Cervical Herniated Disc?

When Should I Have Cervical Neck Surgery For My Herniated Disc?

Should I have surgery for cervical herniated disc in my neck? What are ways to avoid cervical neck surgery for a slipped disk? If I have pain with numbness and tingling in the arm do I need to have surgery? What are the reasons to have cervical neck surgery? These and other questions are answered in this video by Dr. Seth Neubardt, a minimally invasive spine specialist in New York City.

In the video, Dr. Neubardt recommends against rushing into surgery for a cervical herniated disc. Most people get better without it. However, if your pain continues after six weeks, or is so severe you cannot wait, you may need cervical neck surgery.

Emergency Surgery for Cervical Herniated Disc

Surgery for cervical herniated disc is typically recommended for patients suffering pain week after week. Patients may also experience numbness, tingling and slight weakness. Patients with progressive weakness and numbness should speak to a surgeon right away. Other symptoms indicating an emergency include loss of bowel or bladder control, stumbling gait or problems walking. If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss a possible cervical neck surgery, contact us.