Cervical Herniated Disc Surgery Risks

What are some of the cervical herniated disc surgery risks?

What are the cervical herniated disc surgery risks? Can I get paralyzed with cervical surgery to treat the herniated disc in my neck?

You face risks with any type of surgical procedure. In the video above, leading spine surgeon Dr. Seth Neubardt goes over the risks of surgery, including but not limited to: paralysis, death, blindness, nerve injury, infection, csf leak, damage to the esophagus, hoarseness, pain with swallowing, bleeding, need for another operation, reaction to medications and complications from anesthesia, among others.

Overall, though, cervical herniated disc surgery is considered to be very safe and most patients do well with no complications at all.

When you learn more about your condition and the procedure you will undergo, it will lessen the concerns you may feel about the risks of surgery. This website is designed to answer any questions you have and help you easily learn all you want to know about a cervical herniated disc.

If you only watch one other video, see the surgical walk-through, the first video on the Cervical Herniated Disc Surgery page. It is one of the best, most informative videos you will see. Patients say the video gave them a better understanding of what to expect and helped to calm their anxiety about their upcoming surgery.

You should also discuss the cervical herniated disc surgery risks and any concerns you have with your surgeon. If you are worried about anesthesia, talk to the anesthesiologist or other professional administering it.

If you are considering surgery and would like to schedule an appointment at Dr. Neubardt’s office, contact us.