Pilates for Herniated Disc in the Neck

Pilates For Herniated Disc Treatment – Does it Work?

Can Pilates treat a herniated disc? What is Pilates? If you are considering the use of Pilates for a herniated disc in the neck, you will want to watch the video above.

Dr. Seth Neubardt, considered one of the region’s best neck surgeons, explains that Pilates is an excellent way to strengthen the core muscles but it will have no direct effect on the cervical herniated disc. A slipped disk in the neck that causes neck pain with arm pain, numbness, tingling and weakness will most likely not be helped with this type of therapy.

What will help? Dr. Neubardt discusses four ways to avoid surgery for your herniated cervical disc here. You can also browse through the list of “Most Effective” non-surgical treatment options and learn about each one.