Pain Management

Managing Pain from Herniated Disc in Neck

Non-Surgical Ways to Manage Pain from Herniated Disc in Neck

What is Pain Management and how can it help relieve pain from a herniated disc in the neck? Dr. Brad Cash is a pain management specialist who uses physical therapy, medications and injections to treat the patient with a slipped disk without surgery. For severe pain, neck spasm, arm pain, numbness and tingling to the fingers a specialist in treating pain is sometimes the best way to get safe and quick pain relief. Dr. Seth Neubardt, cervical spine specialist, talks about all of the non-surgical approaches that a pain management specialist uses in treating these patients. Questions such as: What are the best pain medications for a herniated disc? What types of injections are used for neck pain? When should I get an epidural steroid? are answered.
If you have tried non-surgical treatments and the pain from a herniated disc in your neck continues, you may need to consider surgical options. To schedule an appointment with one of our top cervical spine surgeons, contact us.