Medical Massage

Medical Massage for Herniated Disc in Neck

Using Medical Massage For Herniated Disc in Neck as a Non-Surgical Treatment

Is it helpful to use medical massage for a herniated disc in the neck? Can massage help treat a cervical herniated disc? What’s the best type of massage for neck and arm pain?

Medical Massage is frequently used to treat a cervical herniated disc. In this video, expert Physical Therapist Andrea Wolkenberg discusses how massage helps treat the symptoms of a slipped disk.

Massage is usually part of the physical therapy for a cervical herniated disc, but patients also obtain this treatment as a stand alone method of reducing pain. Massage may be effective in making patients feel better but there is a low likelihood that it will have a direct effect on the herniated disc itself.

This video also shows the therapist, Hema Bellam Ramjan PT actually doing the treatment on a patient. The bottom line on massage therapy is that it is usually quite safe and feels good although there is no guarantee that it will relieve the pain, numbness and tingling associated with the disk.

If you do plan to use massage for a herniated disc, find a certified medical massage therapist. Watch the video to find out why.