Craniosacral Therapy

Alternative Treatment for Herniated Disc: Exploring Craniosacral Therapy

Does Craniosacral Therapy Work as an Alternative Treatment for Herniated Disc?

Looking for an alternative treatment for herniated disc that doesn’t involve surgery? Craniosacral Therapy is a type of physical therapy that may be used as an alternative, non-surgical manual treatment that theoretically affects the flow of the cerebral spinal fluid. By applying a gentle pressure it is thought that there can be a change in the movement of this fluid which promotes the mobilization of tissue and reduces tension in the neck.

Does craniosacral therapy work for a cervical herniated disc?

In the video above, spine surgeon Dr. Seth Neubardt discusses craniosacral therapy with licensed physical therapist Andrea Wolkenberg, PT, MA, CKTI, MCMT. Andrea explains what the alternative treatment is, how it is performed, and the benefits it can provide.

The bottom line, says Dr. Neubardt, is that this treatment, done with a good practitioner, may be considered safe but “I don’t think it’s going to directly relieve the pain from a cervical herniated disc.” Craniosacral therapy is worth a try, he says, but he wouldn’t put it at the top of his list of alternative treatments for a herniated disc.