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Cervical Herniated Disc Chiropractic Treatment

Introduction to Cervical Herniated Disc Chiropractic Treatment, a Non-Surgical Option

Many patients like the option of Cervical Herniated Disc Chiropractic treatment as a first-line therapy. In this video, Dr. Seth Neubardt discusses the chiropractic approach with Dr. Lou Bisogni. Dr. Bisogni has been in practice for over 20 years and finds that chiropractic treatment is valuable in relieving symptoms and leading patients towards a path of natural healing. If you go to a chiropractor, be sure the doctor is experienced in chiropractic treatment of a cervical herniated disc. Take your MRI report and images for review. I would not suggest manipulation for a herniated disc that is causing pressure near the spinal cord or directly on a nerve.

Watch the videos to learn more about cervical herniated disc chiropractic treatment.

How To Find A Chiropractor

Dr. Lou Bisogni, gives tips on how to find a good chiropractor to treat your slipped disc.

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Dangers of Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Lou Bisogni tells us about when chiropractic care should be avoided in patients with a cervical herniated disc.

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Insurance Coverage of Chiropractic Treatment

Is chiropractic care covered by insurance? For patients with a slipped disk in New York State, chiropractic care is covered by insurance. Medicare, Worker’s Comp and No Fault cover this treatment.

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