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Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain

Non-Surgical Treatments Of The Cervical Herniated Disc: Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain

What’s the best cervical pillow for neck pain? What’s the best pillow for treatment of a cervical herniated disc? Dr Seth Neubardt, a spine surgeon with over 20 years of experience, tells how each patient must look over all the pillow options and pick the one that they think will give the most comfort. There is no one “best pillow”. Pillows of any material, shape and size may be tried. In general, patients find that pillows which hold the head in a neutral position are the most comfortable and pillows that push the head into extreme flexion or extension are the most uncomfortable.

If you have tried using a cervical pillow for neck pain, but still cannot sleep, you may want to consider one of the many other types of non-surgical treatment for your herniated disc in the neck. However, if your pain continues week after week without relief, you may need surgery. Talk to your physician or contact top rated spine surgeons to schedule an appointment.