Bed Rest for Herniated Disc

Bed Rest For Herniated Disc in the Neck a Non-Surgical Treatment?

Do cervical spine specialists recommend bed rest for a herniated disc? Is bed rest good for neck pain or a cervical disc? How long should bedrest be used when treating a slipped disc? For patients with neck pain radiating down the arm and a diagnosis of herniated disc, there is no need or indication for strict bed rest. Certainly, a day of two of taking it easy and staying in bed is fine but it should not be done for more than that. Dr. Seth Neubardt is part of New York’s Neuro-Ortho Team and a specialist in the minimally invasive treatment of cervical herniated discs. He explains that it’s best to be up about as much as possible; complete bed rest for a herniated disc is not recommended. Many patients with a slipped disc find that sleeping in a recliner chair is most comfortable.