What Are the Best Activites and Positions For Healing a Herniated Disc?

Healing a Herniated Disc - What You Can Do

What Are the Best Activities & Positions For Healing a Herniated Disc?

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What are the best activities and positions for healing a herniated disc? What should you avoid if you have a slipped disk in your neck? If a disc is pressing on the nerve in your neck and producing symptoms of neck pain with arm pain, numbness, tingling and weakness then the most important thing to do is avoid all high impact and high velocity activities involving the neck, such as jogging, basketball, football, jumping, high-impact aerobics. Your body will tell you what positions are best by having you feeling better in those positions. It’s different for everyone– some people are better in bed and some better up walking. Frequently relief of symptoms from a herniated cervical disc occur if the arm is lifted so the hand is resting on top of the head. Sleeping in a recliner chair is okay to try. Avoid rapid extension and flexion of the neck. Extended bed rest is not good for healing a herniated disc. Keep your body in the pain free zone. This will allow the irritated nerve in your neck to quiet down and heal. Whether to go to work really depends on the severity of your symptoms and the type of work you do. Most people are able to work with a herniated disc but if the pain gets too severe you may have to take time off until the pain, numbness and tingling resolve. That may take up to six weeks. In this video, Dr. Seth Neubardt, top spinal expert, goes over the best activities for those people suffering with a cervical herniated disc. If you have tried healing a herniated disc on your own and need to see a specialist,contact us to schedule an appointment.