Meds Are Not Working And I’m A Miserable Mess From My Cervical Disc. What Do I Do?

Medication for Slipped Disc Not Working?

When Medication for Slipped Disc Doesn’t Work, What Do You Do?

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Physicians often prescribe medication for slipped disc symptoms to help control the pain and enable you to sleep at night. The three types of pain medication for a herniated disc include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, narcotics and steroids.

What if you are taking the recommended medication, but it is not working? You cannot sleep, or work. You feel the side effects from the medications in addition to the pain, numbness and tingling symptoms of the cervical herniated disc. You feel like you are a miserable mess. What do you do?

In the video above, spine surgeon Dr. Seth Neubardt says you are not alone. What you are experiencing is very typical.

He explains why pain control, sleep and support from your family is important. He also says “you’ve got to get your life back.”

How do you do that? What steps do you need to take to move your treatment forward?

Watch the video to see what Dr. Neubardt says.

If your slipped disc is not healing and you need surgical treatment, it may help to know that cervical disc replacement can be a minimally invasive procedure with you returning home in under five hours. Dr. Neubardt and Dr. Jack Stern, New York’s neuro-ortho team, have performed many disc replacements over the past two decades and have perfected every aspect of the procedure.