Cervical Disc Anatomy 2: What Is Next To The Cervical Spine Discs?

Cervical Disc Anatomy 2: What Is Next To The Cervical Spine Discs?

Understanding Cervical Disc Anatomy: What is in the Neck near the Cervical Spine Discs

If you have a herniated disc in the neck and are considering surgical treatment, you may want to know what is in the neck near the cervical spine discs. Watch the video above to see top spine specialist Dr. Seth Neubardt demonstrate in part two of this educational series explaining cervical disc anatomy for patients who have a herniated disc in their neck. (Click here to download a full video transcript.)

The spinal vertebrae are located close to the skin in the front of the neck. Between those bones are the cervical discs which can herniate and put pressure on the nerves, causing symptoms of neck pain with arm pain, numbness, tingling and weakness. In the back of the neck are bones called, “Spinous Process Bones”, which provide stability and protection to the neck and spinal cord. Most disc herniations are approached from the anterior direction when the ACDF or disc replacement surgery is done.

Understanding cervical disc anatomy will help you know more about what is happening with the herniated disc in your neck. It will also help you discuss the condition and treatment options more intelligently with your specialist.

For instance, do you know  or what cervical disc numbers mean? After viewing videos in this six-part series on cervical disc anatomy, you will. You will also know the difference between the spinal cord and root nerve, and have learned about compression of the spinal cord and how it can lead to severe symptoms of myelopathy, an uncommon but serious condition. Take your time and view each one.