How Do I Control The Pain Of A Herniated Cervical Disc?

How to Control Cervical Herniated Disc Pain

Is Cervical Herniated Disc Pain Making You Miserable?

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What do you do if cervical herniated disc pain is out of control? What to do for severe arm pain from a slipped disk? You may need to consider seeing a pain management specialist to obtain narcotic medications. Being in pain makes you miserable and miserable to be around so your family must understand the stress and discomfort you are in. Therefore stress management or therapy may be indicated. You must get sleep so work towards getting a good nights sleep with medications to treat the pain rather than relying on a sleeping pill. In this video, Seth Neubardt MD, one of New York’s leading spinal surgeons specializing in minimally invasive cervical surgery, helps you to understand how cervical herniated disc pain can interfere with your daily living and stresses the importance of good management to make you feel better.